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Stocking of Mill Creek Lake started in the spring of 1980 by the Illinois Department of Conservation. The lake has been stocked with the following: muskie, largemouth bass, walleye, channel cat, redear, bluegill, and black and white crappie. Mill Creek Lake has excellent fishing opportunities and anglers have been very impressed with the largemouth bass.

A.k.a. Muskie, the fish of ten thousand casts, a success story on Mill Creek.

In 1999 the Muskie stocking program was started with an average annual of 366 - 10” fish added each year. In the past editions we have included photos of trophy fish and this year is no different. Love them or hate them they are here to stay and thriving well in Mill Creek. The Muskie is the most sought after freshwater trophy fish in the northern states and has taken up residency in many Illinois lakes with the help of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. While many of us will never land a Muskie of this size (on left) they can be caught by those that prepare for the fight of their life. Heavy equipment and patience are the key to landing these great trophy fish. Clint Galloway landed this one, at 48” long and 28lbs, it is a fine example of what is in Mill Creek. Larger ones have been recorded at the lake and just maybe the state record can be surpassed with a fish from Mill creek, after all, it is only 38 lbs and 8 Oz!


As with the Muskie stocking program, the Catfish stocking program is alive and well at Mill Creek. With an annual stocking program of 4,000 fish, you can almost be guaranteed to catch a catfish if you have anything left over in your lunch box. That is one of the most wonderful things about this fish, it is easy to catch and will generally eat anything that you will, no kidding! While you may catch a couple trying this trick it would be a much better outing if you were to come prepared with some Catfish bait. Chicken liver, stink bait, worms, cut shad, and even bluegill can be used . One of the favorite tricks of the Cat fishing experts on Mill Creek lake is to fish when you can! They can be found deep or shallow, can be caught on a bobber rig or a drift rig. Just an absolute all-round great fish to take the kids out to catch. Check with the Gate House for current fishing reports!


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Mill Creek Park is located 7 miles Northwest of Marshall, IL on the Lincoln Heritage Trail Road (Clarksville Road). Mill Creek Park opened May 29, 1982 and consists of 2,600 acres of land, with 811 acres of water. Our Mission is to "manage and preserve the natural resources and provide health and recreational opportunities".

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