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ATV Trails

ATV Trails are CLOSED November 1st through January 19th 

Mill Creek Park has approximately 15 miles of ATV trails located on the west side of the Park. A waiver and permit must be obtained propr to using th trails for all riders. A "Minor's Understanding" form must be completed by the minor and legal guardian prior to riding. ATV trails have been upgraded and maintained with IDNR Grant assistance. Trails are open from sun up to sun down. 

The ATV Trails are approximately 2.5 miles from the park entrance. There is NO access from within the park to the ATV trails. If you are camping in the park please be sure to have a way to transport your ATVs to the trails. 

The trails are patrolled randomly, and any ATV rider found without the proper pass and sticker will be subject to a minimum $100 fine from the Park District. Also any ATV rider fund without th Illinois OHV sticker is also subject to Illinois DNR fines. 

Each participant riding the ATV trails must meet the requirements of both CCPD and State regulations governing this activity.


  1. OHV stickers are required and can be purchased at the gatehouse. 
  2. Helmets are required.
  3. Mufflers and spark arrestors are required.
  4. Riders must stay on the designated trails.
  5. ATV's wider than 56" are not permitted.
  Daily Trail Fee Annual Trail Fee
In District $5.00 $30.00
Out of District $7.00 $42.00


  IDNR Daily OHV Sticker IDNR Annual OHV Sticker
In State $6.00 $11.00
Out of State $6.00 $18.00